Animals with Their Very Own Niche - Press Paws (S1:E5)

We've got animals of all shapes and sizes here in Episode 5 of Press Paws, the show for the Animal lover in all of us! Hosted by Michelle Ray Smith, Press Paws tells passionate stories of the unique bond between animals and people and how they help each other live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Episode Highlights:

1. Wildcat Sanctuary: This non-profit rescue facility in Minnesota provides a natural sanctuary for wild cats, from tigers to lynx, who had been kept in captivity.

2. Jake The Firedog: When Jake was a puppy, he was luckily rescued from a house fire by Bill Lindler from the Hanahan, South Carolina Fire Department. Bill adopted him and Jake is now an official member of the firehouse team.

3. Project Chimps: Former research chimpanzees now have a new sanctuary in a forest in Georgia where they can roam free while receiving lifelong exemplary care.

4. Norbert The Therapy Dog: At just 3 pounds, this unbelievably adorable therapy dog may be small, but he's on a big mission. His goal? Smiles and comfort to everyone he meets!

Host Michelle Ray Smith was born in Michigan to a family that loved nature and animals, especially dogs. Growing up, Michelle and her sister explored the outdoors, learning about all the things that lived around them. Today Michelle is an accomplished actress (Law & Order, Guiding Light), and a Victoria's Secret model. She is also an entrepreneur as founder of an organic cleaning company.

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