An Armless Painter’s Unique Approach to Art, Faith and Family (More to the Story E1)

On this all-new OGTV Original Series, host Marysol Castro will go deep and get very personal with the unique individuals and passionate characters that have been featured previously in HooplaHa and Only Good TV stories. While the original videos piqued the interest of our viewers, this new series will offer MORE TO THE STORY as Marysol goes inside the mind and the heart of her subjects as we learn exactly what makes them live for the greater good!

On this episode, Marysol will revisit Rosie Jon, the inspiring armless painter who uses her feet to not only to paint, but to manage many day-to-day life tasks. Rosie was born with her disability, but not never let it cloud her perspective on what was possible. "I was a very determined child," she recalled. "I just wanted to prove to everyone that I could be more than anyone expected me to be."

There is no question Rosie has lived up to that personal goal and now lives a busy, fulfilling life, despite her challenges. Enjoy Marysol's wide-ranging conversation with this wife, mother of three, artist, public speaker, and woman of faith that uncovers her amazing and inspiring passion for her art and her family!

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