An Angel In Scrubs

For Tricia Somers, a single mother and cancer patient seeking treatment in the hospital, one source of immediate comfort for her was her nurse, Tricia Seamen. She told CBS Evening News, “Before she even said anything, I just felt comfort.” The two had a strong connection from the beginning. That’s why when Somers learned her cancer was terminal Somers didn’t feel strange asking her nurse to care for her son, Wesley.

The Seamen family not only agreed to take in Wesley, but they also offered to take in Tricia so she wouldn’t have to spend her last days in a nursing home. Tricia and Wesley moved in and have forged a strong bond with Tricia and Dan Seamen as well as their four kids.

The bond between Tricia and Tricia is something truly unique, and the kindness between the two of them is so selfless. What a beautiful friendship!

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