Amputee Veteran Football Team Takes On NFL Alumni

Warm up for the Super Bowl this Sunday by watching highlights from a very special game between seasoned NFL veterans and the Wounded Warriors!

The Wounded Warrior Amputee Football Team (WWAFT) is made of up service members who have served and are now using a prosthetic device to engage in everyday life activities. “By showcasing our team on the football field, the WWAFT seeks to inspire our fans and highlight the perseverance of our service members (both active and former) who continue to face life's challenges without excuses," its mission states.

These servicemen may have lost limbs overseas, but on the field, they don't need special treatment. Easy to see the competitive juices get flowing as these wounded warriors go head to head with the pros. But even greater than the rush of competition is the sense of camaraderie the guys gain for one another on the field.

Watch the video to see what the final score comes down to (it's close!). For more information about Wounded Warriors Amputee Football Team, go to

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