Amazing Cakes Made By A Teenager Who Loves To Bake

At age 18, Rebi Narins owns a business that she created around her number-one passion: sugar!

"She was known, really known, for being that kid with the sweet tooth," recalls Rebi's mom Allison. Rebi would raid friends' pantries for candy and cakes, until she finally decided to start baking her own sweet creations at age 16.

Thanks to the vast treasure chest of inspiration available online, Rebi soon had more cake ideas than she knew what to do with. She decided to start with a project that shows how meaningful her hobby is to her: she baked an over-the-top creation for her best friend's Clemmie's birthday. From then on, Rebi was off to the races.

"The reaction I got from baking my first cake just made me want to make it taller, and bigger, and more extravagant," Rebi recounts with a smile. She started her baking business as an outlet for her creative ideas, and named it after herself: ReBakery, just like Rebi. And while Rebi filled orders for all types of customers and all kinds of occasions, her favorite people to bake for are her loved ones.

Of Rebi's cakes, her best friend Clemmie says: "They're her way of expressing how much someone means to her."

When she gets a joyful and impressed reaction from her friends and family after giving them a cake, Rebi feels sure that all the effort that went into it was worth it. "That's something that means a lot to me," she says.

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier, shot by Spencer Holstein, and edited by Andrew "Oz" Osbourne.

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