After Dog Rescued Kitten They Became Inseparable Brothers

This unlikely pair might just be the cutest best friends you've ever seen. Opie the dog was venturing out with his owner, James, when they came across a newborn kitten trapped under a log. They took the kitten, now named Roscoe, to the emergency vet. Opie would not leave Roscoe's side. With medical care and lots of love, Roscoe survived and became a member of the family.  A year later, the two are inseparable. Opie and Roscoe spend most of their time with each other. However, Roscoe doesn't go outside. So when Opie goes out and then comes back in, he goes right to Roscoe to check on him. Even though they are a different animals, these two were clearly born to be brothers and best friends.

Opie and Roscoe

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