Adele Invited 12-Year-Old Autistic Girl To Sing On Stage

Hearing our favorite musicians brings us joy, and seeing them live is a dream come true within itself. That dream got even bigger for one lucky English girl! 12-year-old, Emily Tammam, who has autism went to an Adele concert in Manchester and held up a sign that read, “It is my dream to sing with Adele.”

As the show was drawing to an end with the second to last song starting, Adele took notice to the young fan, who shined a light on her sign, and went, “Okay come on the stage.” The Grammy winner got Emily all set up and together they sang “Someone Like You.” Watch Emily’s amazing opportunity, especially when she goes all out on the chorus! Amazing. Now that is a concert moment neither Emily nor we will ever forget!

H/T SunnySkyz

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