A Year Of Holidays In One Week For Boy With Cancer

This Utah town has already celebrated Halloween and their Christmas decorations are in full swing. This small town has come together to celebrate all of the year's holidays in just one week so Ethan Van Leuvan can enjoy them, too. The five- year-old has been battling acute lymphoblastic leukemia and very sadly, the illness is no longer treatable. Without being sure of how much time the boy has left, his family and friends want to make sure he makes the most of his days. The town celebrated Halloween with Ethan 10 days early, and his birthday a month early, and then Christmas Eve and Christmas, too! While I have no words to describe how sad his situation is, it warms my heart to see everyone in his life is making sure his time left is the best it can possibly be. We love you, Ethan.

Feature Image: Today

H/T Today

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