A Summer Camp Love Story That Is Also Saving Lives

Serious Fun Children's Network camp programs make a lifelong impression on hundreds of children! The global network, created by actor and philanthropist, Paul Newman, caters to children with serious illnesses. Best of all, it is free! This is a great chance for kids to be kids and not have to worry about their illnesses. The growing network of camps became nurturing homes away from home where campers could escape the fear and isolation of their conditions.

"This loving and inclusive environment gives kids the inspiration for them to get back to doing what kids do best, being a kid."

Chris Woll was diagnosed with cancer when he was 7-years-old. His oncologist recommended that Chris try out a SeriousFun Children's Network camp. But this wasn't just a one summer event— Chris fell in love with the experience and it ultimately shaped his life. He became a camp counselor, met a camper who later became his wife and now is on his way to help children for the rest of his life as a pediatrician.

"Most of my closest friends are from camp. My wife is from camp. There is no better place to be molded into a better human being than being at camp."

Watch these kids "kick back and raise a little hell .. " - the way all camp kids should!

This beautiful video was produced by Tracy Chevrier, shot by Johnny Perez and edited by Andrew Osborne.

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