A Sergeant’s Surprise Will Bring You To Happy Tears

Iowa National Guard Sergeant John Vorrath was stationed in the Middle East, and had been for five months. When he left, he and his wife knew that he would miss the birth of their second child. They prepared as best they could, but it was tough. Luckily, after a fairly dramatic twist of fate, the day before the birth, Vorrath was informed that he was allowed to apply for leave, something that hadn’t been an option for him. He applied for leave and as his wife was giving birth to their daughter, Charlotte, Vorrath discovered that his leave was approved. The next morning he was on a flight back to Iowa.

That’s when he surprised his wife. He walked into the hospital room to meet her with a heart wrenching embrace, and a few well-deserved tears. Then, he was able to meet his day old daughter for the first time. After that, he was met by his two year old son, Jett who was overjoyed to see his father in person rather than on Skype or FaceTime.

What an amazing surprise.

H/T Yahoo

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