How to Make Perfect Arroz Con Pollo: a Secret Ingredient

Kitchen "hacks" are incredibly popular on the internet in general, and on social media in particular—and it's not hard to see why! Sharing recipe tweaks, cooking techniques, and cleaning tricks has never been easier. One of the most wonderful results of this new flow of information around meals and cooking is how it gives us access to family recipes that have for so long remained "secret." That's what we, together with Marysol Castro, want to talk about today!

Marysol and her mother have an incredible recipe for Arroz con Pollo, or Rice with Chicken, a traditional Latino dish that they put their own spin on. As a mother of two, Marysol knows the importance of having a bank of recipes that are simple, delicious, and can feed a crowd. This dish definitely qualifies.

Watch and learn from Marysol and her mom, and find out which secret ingredient makes their Arroz con Pollo so moist and mouth-watering. To see more from this dynamic duo, stay connected to Marysol on Facebook and Twitter.

This video was produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot/edited by John Houghton. Interested in more tips to make your busy life easier? Check out Just for Mom, part of the HooplaHa network.

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