A Police Officer Playing Piano For A 93-Year Old Theft Victim Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes, the connections that exist between two strangers are so incredible that you've got to stop and appreciate the miracle.

During a routine follow-up visit to the home of an 93-year old man whose house had been robbed, a police officer named Craig Bull discovered that he and the man shared a passion for classical piano. And what he did next is so heartwarming.

"He was really pleased that we had checked in on him to see that he was ok," Officer Bull shared in a Facebook post afterwards. "He felt wanted and reassured."

When the elderly man started talking about his experiences as a wartime pilot and the loss of his wife a few years prior, the police officer wanted to offer further comfort to the recent theft victim. So Officer Bull brought up the piano that sat in the man's living room, and offered to play the piece that was sitting open. It turns out, the Chopin composition was a favorite of both the man's late wife and of Officer Bull's grandmother. Amazing!

Watch the above video, and it will be obvious how very meaningful it was to the older man to hear the police officer play the Chopin piece. Our faith in humanity just got a little stronger!

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