A Gentle Breeze Feels So Good, But Why?

Close your eyes. Now picture yourself standing outside. The temperature is about 75 degrees, the air smells fresh, the sun is lightly beating on your face and there is a gentle breeze crossing over you that feels a bit warm but cool at the same time. Ah, you can almost feel it right? Now I ask you, why does a gentle breeze feel so darn good?

Check out the second episode of Science Behind Happiness, a brand new HooplaHa Original Series and let the happiness science expert, TJ McKenna from the Connecticut Science Center unlock the secrets behind life's simple pleasures using a little scientific reasoning.

TJ explains the reasons why a breeze feels so delightful. It tickles our skin, awakens our senses and brings us to our happy place! On a warm day, especially, not much else feels better than a nice breeze. It is so refreshing... but do you know why?

Want to learn more about TJ and the work he does at the Connecticut Science Center? Visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Titter.

Curious about more of life's fun factoids? Check out the Infotainment YouTube Channel, part of the HooplaHa Network...and don't forget to smile.

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