A Capella Afternoon - Best of Pentatonix

HooplaBlog is going to be doing a new daily post that is going to be amazeballs: A Capella Afternoon

Each day, there will be a post dedicated solely to bringing you, our lovely readers, a great sample from the vocal-crazy universe of a capella. My boss came up with the idea like five seconds ago and before she could even finish explaining it, I was like YEEEEEESSSSTHERE'SNOTAMOMENTTOLOSELET'SDOIIIITTT.

To begin, here are some of the best songs by Sing Off stars, Pentatonix.


"Somebody That I Used To Know"

N*SYNC Medley

"We Are Young" --things get surprisingly Jamaican around 2:24... you won't hate it.


And finally, their unforgettable rendition of "Dog Days"

If you have any good suggestions for A Capella Afternoon, please email links to sferrigno@hooplaha.com.

Cheers :)

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