8-Year-Old Boy Beats Odds And Becomes One-Armed Golfer

Jackson Meriss, 8, who has cerebral palsy, loves to play golf. He swings his club using only his left arm. He took up interest in the sport at an early age and now plays nearly every day with his father Todd and twin brother Caden.

As a newborn, Jackson Merriss wasn't supposed to survive. He and his twin Caden were diagnosed in the womb with Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a condition affecting identical twins where one gets too much blood and the other not enough. Jackson was the twin who wasn't getting enough.

He defied the odds and survived, but his parents were told they'd be lucky if he'd ever recognize them or even walk or talk.

But, 8-year-old Jackson defied all the predictions and has become a pretty good one-armed golfer as well.

"He loves to compete and all the kids enjoy playing with him because he's so lighthearted. He knows he can't run as fast," he adds. "But as long as he's part of the team, he's happy. He's just having fun. And he has got a laughter that would light up the entire room." - says Father, Todd Merriss.

Todd takes Jackson and his twin borther Caden golfing nearly every day and says, "It's a true pleasure to watch him play."

Video Credit: HumanKind

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