8 FREE NY Museums Your Kids Have To Visit

New York City is home to some of the world's greatest museums. What makes these gems great is that they are free! These children's museums located all over New York are educational, fun and like I said, free! So there is no reason, if you are in the area, to not check out these 8 interactive attractions...

1. New York Hall of Science

Not only are there hundreds of activities about science and technology, or math and engineering, but also robots and outer space.

2. Brooklyn Children’s Museum

This is actually the country's first museum for children. Here you can find a collection of 30,000 objects like musical instruments, funny toys, dolls, fossils, masks and other fun things. Fun for children of all ages, water play, blue sand, pizza parlor and animal exhibits make it a place for everyone!

3. Children’s Museum of the Arts

Being all about the arts, here children can explore and learn more all aspects of painting, drawing, sculpture, etc.

4. New York Aquarium

This is the country's oldest aquarium and a must see when you visit New York!

5. Sony Wonder Technology Lab

Where are my tech lovers? Here is the museum of video games, musical gadgetry and lots of interactive digital experiences!

6. Museum of the Moving Image

Movie lovers and film makers need to visit this interactive institution.

7. Lefferts Historic House Museum

This one may be my favorite! It depicts Brooklyn family life in the 1820s to the present.

8. LEGO Flagship Store

For Lego builders everywhere! This interactive store gives children inspiration for their Lego creations. 3-D LEGO murals depicting iconic city scenes adorn the store walls, and an 8-foot Statue of Liberty are just a few of the attractions to see.

I want to go to them all! I know I am going to be planning a trip soon. Which museum will you go to first?

H/T Kid101

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