8 Facts About Astrology You Want To Know

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1. Astrology actually preceded Astronomy

And it wasn't given the hokey-pokey stigma it is today. Serious, bonafide scientists like Galileo took it very seriously. I even found a fancy academic paper from Carroll University to back this up.

2. Astrologers claim that the Moon has the same effect upon humans, as it does upon the ocean. If the Moon affects tides, it is theorized that it also affects the human body, which consists of 75% water. Whether or not this theory is accurate, it will, in the meantime, help me feel better about blaming my mood swings on a giant rock floating in space.

3.  Astrologers predicted Obama's victory. I mean, they had a 50/50 chance of being right, but it's still pretty neat. The prediction was made at the United Astrology Conference, which is the largest gathering of astrologers and meets every four years. They also predict natural disasters, explore the impact of lunar cycles on the stock market, and use planetary charts to find a job.

4. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on astrology every year in the United States alone. I'm not exactly sure how one spends money on astrology--aside from getting a gigantic book that tells you that since you're a creative water sign, you should not go into tax law--but I have no lack of faith in Americans' ability to spend a ridiculous amount of money on something as fun as horoscopes.

5. German astrologer, Frau Elsbeth Ebertin, was given Hitler's birth chart by a female fan in 1924. She accurately predicted that he would become Fuhrer based on what she saw. Okay, that's freaky. I would have at least kept an eye on him after hearing that.

6. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and FDR were astrology buffs. 

I mean, Theo saw us through the Spanish-American War as the youngest president to take office, and Frankie pretty much crushed it with WWII, so I guess you can't knock them for a little astronomical voodoo. In fact, I might give it a try now. Sam Ferrigno for president. Yeah!

7. 33% of Americans believe in astrology. The other two thirds say "No, but it's fun to think about," on their OK Cupid profiles.

8. As of last year, there were 7,000 professional astrologers in the U.S. Not including my mom when the power goes out.

Be sure to tune in every Monday for the Feel Good Forecast, by our resident astrologer, Kim Allen.


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