70 Year-Old Postcard Finally Arrives

Our mail is promised to us despite “rain, snow or shine.” Now we can add time to that list. A post card recently arrived at its destination seventy years after it was put in the mail. West Port News and Elmira’s Star-Gazette reported that the card was sent from the parents of George Leisenring, whom they were visiting at Camp Grant. It was from there on July 4, 1943 that Leisenring’s parents sent the card to George's sisters, Pauline and Theresa. The card read “Dear Pauline and Theresa, We arrived safe, had a good trip, but we were good and tired.” The card arrived in early November of this year at the Leisenring’s former home, where a different family, the Paodgornys, now live.

The Paodgorny sisters, Maddie (left) and Hannah hold the card at their home in Elmira, NY. Photo via westport-news.com

A postal official said the card may have been found by someone outside the postal service and placed it in the mail. How the card got lost in the first place, no one really knows. Initial reports also don't say where the Leisenrings currently live.

The oddity surrounding this card is enough to make our imaginations run wild. We could abandon reason and say the card traveled through time—taking an unusual trip through the limbo-like passage from sender to receiver, a destination now changed by the weather and movement of seventy years. Like hearing a ghostly knock on the door, the Paodgorny’s heard a call made before they were even born. A small bit of history appeared in their mailbox in the form of a reassuring message between family members. Amidst the confusion and fear of World War II, such messages were scarce, but the re-surfacing of the Leisenring’s postcard provides an inkling of proof that they did exist despite the turmoil.


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