60 of the Best Simple Pleasures

Taking what we have for granted is especially easy around the holidays--a time in which we get so wrapped up (no pun intended) in giving gifts, that we lose sight of the simple things that bring us joy. Here's a tribute to all those simple pleasures that make a bad mood good, and a good mood even better.

1. The cool side of the pillow.

2. Drying off with an unused towel.

3. Nutella.

4. Waking up with your pajamas not twisted.

5. Waking up realizing that your nightmare was just a nightmare.

6. Waking up to the smell of bacon.

7. Bacon.


8. A successful handstand.

9. Realizing after three months of not seeing a friend, you're close enough to act as though you've been by each other the whole time.

10. When a dog/cat/hedgehog/baby crawls into your lap unexpectedly.

11. Cuddling.

12. Not having to wipe the dust off your feet before getting into bed.

13. Having the energy to work out.

14. When you say something ridiculous like, "medium," at a Starbucks and the guy at the counter doesn't correct you.

15. That magical cup of coffee that has the right amount of every ingredient.

16. Actually falling asleep when you intend to.

17. Shelter from which to enjoy a thunderstorm.

18. Running through the rain because you JUST DON'T GIVE A DARN.

19. A good book AND the time to read it.

20. A marathon of your favorite TV show.

21. Finding this in the $5 bin at Wal Mart:


22. Not getting a ticket after your parking meter has expired.

23. Getting a hug when you NEED one.

24. Shouting the movie lines out before the actors say them.

25. Making a mistake in front of friends rather than strangers.

26. Getting a letter in the mail.

27. Getting a phone call from a someone who just wanted to say, "Hi."

28. Good conversation.

29. Watching people walk by while thinking to yourself drop something, drop something, drop something, so that when someone actually drops something you can pretend you have the power of mind control.

28. Thinking about your favorite song in the car until it comes on so you can pretend you are a Muse.

29. Letting the water run down your arms and shoot off your fingertips so you can pretend you are Poseidon, God and master of the Sea.

30. Showing a video to a friend whose reaction is what you hope it will be.

31. When someone wants to hold your hand.


32. Any form of nap: impromptu, planned, food coma induced, etc.

33. Sitting in the passenger seat of your crush's car.

34. Smooches.

35. French toast.

36. A good haircut.

37. When a kid says, "Thank you" without being told to.

38. A full tank of gas.

39. When you need a piece of gum and someone actually has one.

40. Fixing someone's tie.


41. Re-discovering an old mixed CD that still ROCKS.

42. When something in a store wasn't marked down and ends up being cheaper than you thought.

43. When people wave the universal "thank you" gesture when you let them into traffic.

44. When a friend texts you, "What are you up to?"

45. Feeling good about a decision.

46. Coming home to an empty house.

47. Coming home to a full house.

48. Telling the host of the party to relax.

49. Enjoying yourself.


50. Laughing so hard you forget why you started.

51. When someone plays with your hair (gently).

52. Using big words like, "concomitant," or "magnanimous," or "diffendoofer."

53. Not getting a job and finding something better somewhere else.

54. Hearing someone say you'll be okay.

55. The smell of your parents' house after being away.

57. The smell of your clothes after a bonfire.

58. Seeing someone rock out in his car, not caring who sees him.

59. That split second of silence when the show is over, but the audience hasn't started clapping yet.

60. Splashing


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