51-Year-Old Mom Carried Daughter's Baby, Put Her MS In Remission

Well, this is a moment for the scrapbook! After having fertility issues, Mandy Stephens, decided to search for other options. After thinking about adoption, they decided to go with a surrogate. But not just anyone would do...

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Mandy's 51-year-old mother, Sherri Dickson, soon became the surrogate to their baby girl. “Watching your child lose a child is the definition of sadness,” Dickson said during an appearance on "Good Morning America," adding. “I can’t describe it any other way. It breaks your heart.” Mandy's mom and sister both volunteered, but doctors thought Sherri was the best choice because she has given birth before. Another plus is that Sherri likes being pregnant, so she figured "why not."

Carrying a baby also brought another surprise to the family. Sherri, who has multiple sclerosis (MS), found that going through the pregnancy actually helped the disease go into remission. This is a phenomenon that many researchers are looking into.

On July 31, Sherri gave birth to healthy baby girl, whom was named Myla."We are so in love with her, and she is going to be one spoiled girl because our family just dotes over her," Mandy told reporters. "We say it's Myla's world and we are just living in it."

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