38 Creative Design Hacks To Spice Up Your Life

We are all guilty of  "online shopping", essentially scrolling through Antropologie wishing you had the money for that $300 mirror. However, our friends at Buzzfeed have thankfully found creative and cheap ways to recreate your favorite stuff with these tutorials.

My Top Ten Favorites Are:

1) I love this idea, all you need is a plain paper lantern and cupcake liners! Ingenious!

2) Light up your room with this DIY pendant light fixture tutorial. You only need four tools!

3) Anything related to tea is always an eye catcher for me. Using second hand dishes there's no reason not to give this one a try.

4) One of my favorite things about Anthroplogie is the mixed and matched pieces.  Take a bunch of thrift store knick knacks to make your own for around $15.

5) Trying for that country -rustic look? Look no further than this tutorial to create an authentic looking dresser.

6) Polka dot pants! You can achieve the same look with fabric paint.

7) I'm that person who is always searching for a hair tie, checking every nook and crany. Look no further! Make over 80 hair ties for $12.

8) Pom pom thumbtacks and or magnets. Only four tools!

9) Add some sparkle to your outfit with this tutorial.

10) Half-lace half- shirt? Get out your sewing gear.


Check out more artsy hacks here!

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