36 Epic Sights & Bites From Pig Island 2014

Hog Heaven is the Atlantis for foodies -- a mythical place oft discussed at dinner tables but rarely if ever truly seen. For the most it only exists in our wanting stomachs...a craving gone unsatisfied. Well dear pigophiles. I am here to tell you that Hog Heaven does indeed exist and for the last five years it has been located in Brooklyn (Red Hook to be exact). It goes by the name of Pig Island, and like the island on LOST it only appears for the briefest of moments then disappears like a delicious mirage. It popped up again this past Saturday for five scant hours and we were lucky enough to be there to bask in all of its delicious glory!

Oh the sights we saw...

A hearty thank you to the fine folks at Pig Island for inviting us to enjoy an amazing feast by some of New York's best chefs with locally sourced whole hogs provided by Flying Pig Farms. We can't wait to visit Hog Heaven on Pig island again next year!


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