31 Beautiful Photos of Color Me Rad 5K


The Color Me Rad 5K exists solely to make you happy. They accomplish this by combining a 5K run (something we typically don't find joyful) with a bombardment of water and dyed cornstarch. It's like the Western answer to Holi, the Indian festival of color and light that celebrates the triumph of good over bad. Color Me Rad is motivated by a similar sentiment: they want people to spend a few hours blissfully enjoying themselves in spite of the many struggles of the day-to-day. They suggest that instead of running FROM something, like problems, the law, or bears, we can run FOR something.

“Run for the hell of it," they say. They promise it will:

- Regrow the hair on your head

- Remove the hair on your back

- Increase affection

- Decrease naggy-ness

- Turn your gray demeanor as green as Spring.

It's a slightly embellished list, but studies have proved that color does affect mood and outlook. According to U.S. News, a University of British Columbia study proved that people worked differently if their computer screens were set to different colors. People worked fastest with red and white, and their creativity went wild with blue. Other studies have concluded that red increases amorousness and blue encourages innovation.

Hospitals also take color into consideration when designing patient rooms. Sensing Architecture says nature and artwork “contribute to patients having a greater 'sense of well-being' where spaces lend themselves toward contemplation and feeding [of] the senses." Exposure to colors exercises our sense of optimism like a muscle that needs to be stretched, worked and nourished.


Speaking of exercise, Color Me Rad exercises your happiness as well as your body. Sometimes working out is the very thing we dread the most, but all that movement releases dopamine, which also promotes wellbeing. That combined with the explosion of color might be what the doctor would literally order if you're feeling down.

Here's some beautiful photo evidence from color runs across the country:

San Diego:






Virginia Beach:


Check out more Color Me Rad here

Photos from colormerad.com

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