23 Facts About Beer That Will Blow Your Mind


The day is old and the night is young, but it's never too late for a beer on National Lager Day.

In honor of this marvelous, modest holiday, I want to share some interesting things I learned in some purely educational research.

1. The birthplace of beer was in Ancient Babylonia. The Babylonians took their brewing so seriously that brewers were drowned in their own beer if it wasn't good. Touchy group, the Babylonians.

2. In the Middle Ages, clean water was hard to find. Beer was actually consumed more than water because the alcohol made it safe from infection. This is the only thing besides swords that make the Middle Ages at all appealing.

3. Store beer upright. It minimizes oxidization and contamination from the cap.

4. Vikings believe that a giant goat that spewed beer from its udders awaited them in Viking Heaven, colloquially known as Valhalla.

5. Cenosilliacaphobia is the fear of an empty glass. The perfect excuse to double-fist (you're welcome).

6. The only reason the pilgrims stopped on Plymouth Rock was because they ran out of beer. If they had not run out, they would have landed at Virginia.

7. Prohibition lasted 13 years, 10 months, 19 days, 17 hours, 32 minutes, and 30 seconds after President Roosevelt said, "What America needs now is a drink."

8. A man by the name of Michael Jackson (not the famous guy who created the AWESOME Free Willy theme song) was a beer critic that began a renaissance interest in beer in the 70s. You might say he was the Michael Jackson of beer...

The Oatmeal

11. In the 19th century, Ancient Sumerians inscribed beer recipes into tablets in the form of a Hymn to Ninkasi, their female deity of beer.

12. Other cultures around the world developed beer independently, but the job of brewing often went to women. Tenenit, the Egyptian deity of beer, was female, as was the Zulu beer goddess Mbaba Mwana Waresa. A 2005 study found that among the Wari people of ancient Peru, elite women brewed the beer. Centuries later, women dominated the European brewing scene, according to a 1993 article in Yankee Brew News by late beer anthropologist Alan Eames. According to Eames, it wasn't until the late 1700s that beer became a male-dominated drink.

13. Today, beer is the preferred beverage of men, according to data from a July 2010 Gallup poll. Of the 67 percent of U.S. adults who drink alcohol, 54 percent of men named beer as their top alcoholic beverage compared with 27 percent of women.

14. You're not hallucinating, beer bubbles do actually float down as well as up. Because of the drag of the walls of the glass, beer bubbles float up easiest in the middle of the glass. As they swivel up to the "head," surrounding liquid is pulled up as well. This motion creates a cycle within the glass, causing the liquid already at the top to be pulled down to the bottom, dragging some bubbles with it.


15. Americans LOVE BEER. Beer consumption per capita in the U.S. is is about nine times that of wine and 14 times that of spirits, according to data from the Beer Institute.

16. Here are the top 25 beer drinking states in order from least to greatest:

25. Alabama

24. Colorado

23. Arizona

22. Hawaii

21. Ohio

20. Oregon

19. West Virginia

18. Missouri

17. New Mexico

16. Texas

15. Maine

14. Mississippi

13. South Carolina

12. Wyoming

11. Louisiana

10. Nebraska

9. Delaware

8. Iowa

7. Vermont

6. Wisconsin

5. Nevada

4. South Dakota

3. North Dakota

2. Montana

1. New Hampshire

Bloomberg Business Week

17. Guinness is a light beer. Mind blown? Mine too.

18. Germany has its own beer pipeline. This is very unsurprising.

19. The White House brews its own beer.

20. There is enough alcohol in space to make 4 TRILLION pints.

21. Barely beer was invented in Iran and is illegal to consume in Iran.

22. The oldest recipe in the world is for beer.

23. Andre the Giant drank 119 beers in six hours and lived....  proof that miracles do exist, and not only on Christmas.



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