22 Reminders To Make Ya Feel Better

1. A good day does not require you to change the world.

2. It's okay if you don't know what you want to do when you "grow up." 

3. Everyone is afraid of failing. 


4. You won't be able to immediately accept the things you can't change. Acceptance takes time and grace to achieve.

5. You are not indebted to the expectations of society. You are indebted to the people who gave you any opportunity to succeed.

6. It's okay to cheat on your diet. No one ever said giving up bacon was easy.


7. A donut once a week will not kill you.

8. If you don't have the body of a professional model, and you aren't actually a professional model,  you should not feel bad about not having the body of a professional model.

9. Even the Queen passes gas. She doesn't fart but she does pass gas.

10. Making the effort to look good does not make you shallow. Any public speaker will tell you it's the most important part about getting in front of an audience.

11. And Kate Middleton has probably also had a bad hair day at one point in her life. Maybe it was a bad hair hour or minute, but either way, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to wake up looking like that.

12. Waking up with bad hair is depressing. Waking up with hair like the kid who got electrocuted in Jurassic Park is fun.

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13. Admitting you're scared doesn't make you a wimp. It makes you honest. Complaining makes you a wimp.

14. Doing something for yourself is neither obscene nor illegal. It's perfectly all right that you ignored 3 of the 284 calls you received today.

15. Wanting someone to court you romantically doesn't make you a lady. It makes you someone that wants to be desired. Join the club--meetings are Sunday through Sunday inside a personal tub of Ben & Jerry's.

16. You have the right to not finish a book, to walk out of a movie, and to change the channel. 

17. Asking for help is not weakness; it's a verbal initiation for efficiency.

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18. You've got to be nice.

19. You don't have to be easy.

20. Taking yourself less seriously is a favor to you and those around you.

21. Making someone laugh is a favor not easily forgotten.

22. New beginnings don't start with the sun. They happen whenever you're ready to start again.

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