18 Stunning Photos of Japan's 'Winter Illuminations'

It's a long trek from here to Japan, but it might be worth it to see Winter Illuminations. On the Island of Nagashima in Kuwana, millions of LED lights don the botanical garden, Nabana No Sato. In celebration of the winter season, the garden is dressed in what is considered the best display of lights in the entire country.

The theme this year is "nature," which is a little ironic since essentially the show is a blanket of electricity covering actual gardens, but nonetheless, it is breathtaking. The lights almost look as if they grew there themselves.

Winter Illuminations has been up since November 3rd, and will switch off March 31, 2013.

Photo via Japan Australia Blogspot


Photo credit: André Sato


Photo credit: Tomo Tang


Photo credit: Tairoy


Photo credit: Jeff and Leizel


Photo via: Panda-moniummm


Photo credit: Michle


Photo credit: Hiroaki Kaneko


Photo credit: Suzu


Photo credit: Courtney Johnston


Photo credit: Tairoy


Photo credit: Giovanna Calicchio


Photo credit: Yuhanis Gumay


Photo via: Yusuke Morimoto


Photo credit: Victoria Marie


Photo credit: Tairoy


Photo via: Chiara


Photo credit: Hiroshi Kano





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