15 Simple Rules To Feeling Great

"Awesome," in its basic definition, means, "extremely good," which some might say is "great." And as science proves (probably),  feeling great is great. Do you remember that last time you felt great? Wasn't it great? I'll bet it was!

We don't always know how to feel great though; the things we think of when we think of "great" are big, once in a blue moon, hard to come by, etc. They're things that make us feel extremely good. But instead of feeling extremely good, we mostly settle for just plain old, boring good. Well, I have a solution...

We've got to change our perspective on "great" and realize that in order to feel great, we don't have to do things like get a raise, or feed oxygen to a kitten. The key to being great is following simple rules in a great way:

1. Dress as great as you want to feel.

2. Make an entrance.

3. Be unpredictaBLAH!

4. Be optimistic.

5. Know how to entertain yourself...

because spontaneous breakdancing is the best way to turn a problem into a solution.

6. Pick your battles wisely.

7. Stand your ground, even in the most dire straits.

8. Work well with others.

9. Be creative.

10. For the love of God, get that spinach out of your teeth before happy hour turns into this:

11. Think before you act.

Think harder...

Keep trying...

Oh what the hell, JUST GO FOR IT.

12. At least be aware of your surroundings.

For example, rather than charge full speed into the line of fire...

Know when to step aside for someone who can handle it... like a goalie.

13. If you mess up, don't be too hard on yourself.

14. You can always ask for help.

15. After all, the simplest path to greatness is never giving up.


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