12 Easy Ways To Promote Kindness

In honor of World Kindness Day, here are some super easy ways to invite kindness into your life. Kindness is contagious. Doing something nice for someone or lending a helping hand, can and will hopefully promote more acts of kindness. Here are a few ways to start the kindness ripple effect right now!

1. Write a note or thank-you card for someone that has helped you.

Sure, you can tell someone how much they mean to you. But a hand written note or card shows that you went that extra step to show your appreciation for someone. And they can keep it forever and use it as a pick me up when needed!

2. Be extra friendly to folks who work in customer service.

Think about it- they deal with people (sometimes nasty) all day long. Be extra nice to them- they need it.

3. Put your cellphone away.

Being on your cellphone when you are in someone else's company it's just rude. Put it away and they will do the same.

4. Speak only positive words about people (even if you want to say something nasty).

Saying negative things doesn't help anyone. Positive words promote good moods and behavior.

5. When a friend confides in you, ask questions.

Your friend is coming to you in confidence. They trust you. Ask questions to show you are interested and listening.

What other ways can you promote kindness in your life? Let us know or check out more here!




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