11-Year-Old Changing The World Before She Loses Her Sight

H/T NBC News

Losing her sight might scare Lilly, but it's not stopping her from making the most of what she does have. At birth, Lilly Diuble was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, a rare disease that causes people to go blind and deaf. At 12 years old, Lilly still has some sight and hearing.

Lilly is not letting her condition keep her from making the most of her life. Since the second grade, she has worked to raise money towards fighting blindness. Each year she takes part in the Foundation Fighting Blindness' VisionWalk. She is determined to find a cure for the disease... so much so, she has raised over $150,000! Her spirit is inspiration to us all. While she could get depressed or sad, she is the opposite... making the most of her sight and hearing while she has it. She is traveling, spending time with friends and family, and enjoying her childhood.

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