11-Year-Old CEO Is Improving The World Through Her Business

Asia Newson a native of Detroit is an 11 year old with her own successful company. Super Business Girl is not only her title but the name of her business where she sells homemade candles, mugs, notebooks and other merchandise. Since the start of her business, six years ago, all of the profits have gone to food and clothes for the less fortunate.

One of her recent customers happens to be Dave Anderson who runs an incubator for entrepreneurs called Bamboo Detroit. Anderson was so impressed with her pitch and overall sales-woman finesse that he has rewarded Asia with work space and internet capabilities for her next project. Her newest project is to show girls how to be just like her. She hopes to set up schools across the globe to help teach kids how to speak well, handle money and rely on themselves.  Asia is not naive to the advantage she has being young and cute. She knows it won't always be this way and she is prepared to step up her game and keep being an inspiration.

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