104-Year-Old, World's Oldest Street Artist, Knits "Graffiti"

Sometimes, graffiti has a bad name. It can thought to destroy public property. But one very sweet grandmother is changing that. She uses her knitting and crocheting talents to brighten her community! But this 104-year-old great-grandma is part of a group using their knitting and crocheting talents to brighten up an entire community.

Grace Brett, a 104-year-old grandmother, is part of a group of "yarn stormers" who are taking to the streets of Scotland to add some art to the community. Along with her other "Souter Stormers," Brett displays her knit creations in various parts of her town. Among the pieces were a bench covering, a cover for a classic British red phone booth and various other hanging ornaments -- all of which spruced up the city with colorful yarn.

"I liked seeing my work showing with everyone else's and thought the town looked lovely," Brett told SWNS. "I thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included."

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