100 Ways to Live to 100

Turns out, your genes only have a 10 percent influence on how long you'll live. Experts say that the choices you make throughout your life are much more important. So here are 100 ways to live to 100 even if longevity doesn't run in your family.

1) Be nicer

2) Practice Yoga

Watch this plus-sized Yogi proves anyone can do it!

3) Eat grapefruit

4) Sleep naked

5) Laugh more

Watch these comedians prove that laughter is the best medicine!

6) Be conscientious

7) Cut down on meat

8) Get old—fast

9) Quit smoking

10) Don't hate the thought of getting older

11) Take a stand

12) Consider becoming an expat

13) Turn off the TV

14) Move to Hawaii

15) Stay on top of the news—maybe just not on TV

16) Eat nuts

17) Don't eat takeout

18) Walk

See how this community is building friendships through walking.

19) Change your altitude

20) Get married

21) Marry someone younger

22) Don't go to bed angry

23) But if you get divorced, stay social

24) Brush and floss

25) Drink coffee

Have coffee at this awesome Cat Cafe!

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