10 Things You Need To Relive Your Childhood This Summer

If my twenty years on this earth have taught me anything, it’s that childhood is glorious. As kids we pretty much got away with anything. Broken lamp? No problem, just crank up the adorable puppy eyes and the problem virtually disappeared. Those early wonder years were a time of unadulterated bliss and entertainment. So full of joy were those years that I think we should take some time this summer to relive them by indulging in the following:

1. Nerf Guns

The Brigade

Remember when you were the President's only hope to save the world? He needs you again.

2. Fla-Vor-Ice



If you've never had one of these, your childhood was robbed and you need a hug... and an entire case of these things because one will not be enough.

3. Slides

Photography Blogger

What better way to relieve yourself of adult-y stresses by letting your body slide away from the world? Yoga is expensive. Slides are free.

4. Happy Meals

What the Health?

We're not trying to be healthy right now, we're trying to have fun. If we're going to treat ourselves to fast food, why not get the meal that comes with a prize? What a tremendous upgrade!

5. A serious debate with your friends on which cartoon is the greatest of all time.


Cartoons dictated our weekend schedules for years--and for some of us that is still the case. Put your logical, adult brain to work with something delightful like Hey Arnold! or The Powerpuff Girls.

6. Play-Doh

Money Saving Mom

Make a bird, make a plane, make Super Man! Eat it, for all I care! You're a kid again, remember?

7. Footie Pajamas

Pajama City

Optimal comfort and head-to-toe protection from monsters? Pure happiness right there, folks. Just look at those two. Tell me they haven't got it all figured out.

8. Hide and Seek

disciple building

This is a personal favorite. I was so good at it that my neighbor is still looking for me. I should probably get in touch with him soon, but who has the time, right?

9. Fruit Gushers

The Coupon Project

Having fruit gushers in your lunch box at school was like carrying a sack of gold onto a pirate ship. Probably because there has never been a better fruit-snack made since its creation in the late 80s/early 90s (the creation date of these is actually unknown--how mysterious).


Luminate, Facebook

There was no greater thrill than jumping from couch to couch on the premise that if you touched the floor you would melt and die.

Well, there's your inner-child-awakening to-do list. Go shave a few decades off and have fun!

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