10 Reasons You Need To Attend Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Tomorrow

Held every 4th of July, The Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest has easily become an American tradition.  Here are 10 reasons you need to attend this year.

1. It's Free.


That whole "No such thing as a free lunch," literally does not apply.

2. This may be redundant, but, it's an eating competition

Serious Eats

Do you realize how interesting it is to watch people do this to themselves? Endless entertainment.

3. You could end up on TV. TV, PEOPLE.


ESPN covers the contest every year, so you should probably grab your friends, several condiment suits and SUIT UP, because your ten seconds of fame are waiting for you.

4. Joey Chestnut.

Houston Press

Joey Chestnut is the man. At a kolache (sausage and cheese) eating contest in 2007, he came in first place after eating 56 of them. After his victory, he celebrated with a lot of  alcohol and ten Jack In The Box tacos on his way back to his hotel. His metabolism is a super-human wonder to behold, and you'll get to see him at Nathan's contest this year.

5. It's in Coney Island.


Tell me you don't want to Instragram the hell out of this joint. Just look at that guy with the drum for Pete's sake.

6. You'll feel better about yourself.


Sports List of the Day

You may have some horrendous photos of yourself out there, but at least the image of your cheeks packed with seven hotdogs doesn't exist... or does it?

7. Make 40,000 new friends.


That's a rough estimate of how many people attend each year. That's 40,000 opportunities to meet your next bff/spouse.

8. The contest itself is only 12 minutes.

Photo Dictionary

You know what else is 12 minutes long? Half of an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother.’ A whole episode blows right by but half? You'll be in and out in no time. Just don't be late...

9. You can visit New York City afterward.

HD Walldesk

Coney Island is only 13 miles from Manhattan. If you've had enough hotdogs and urban carnies, the city awaits.

10. The tradition.

Bleacher Report

This contest has been going on since 1972 but rumor has it that it all began in 1916 when 4 immigrants decided to hold it to see who was more patriotic. Pay homage to the whacky nature of this tradition by going--you know you want to take a jillion photos, all captioned "'Merica."


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