10 Crazy Dares For National Dare Day

June First is National Dare Day, and it's right around the corner. A glorious 24 hours in which to challenge ourselves and others (especially others) to step outside our comfort zones and to think outside the box ALL AT ONCE! This is a serious matter and you must take it seriously.

Here's a list of dares that will, in the long run (maybe even the short run!!) make you into a better person, stronger than yesterday, and eager for tomorrow. Good luck.

I dare you...

1. Tell a  joke to a stranger. 


At the very worst, you'll have everyone in line at Starbucks sort of turn their heads and think, "What a weirdo," before forgetting about it five minutes later. A small price to pay for the possible chuckle you might elicit from someone you never knew you never knew. Yes I just referenced Pocahontas. This is going to be fun.

2. Ask a grandparent who his/her first love was.


 If there's anything worth listening to, it's our elders' love stories. So much of courting has changed what with the introduction of online dating, and the surge of meeting people virtually. Your curiosity will be piqued with their stories, and your sense of wonder enlightened, by the stark contrast of their first loves with your own.

3. Start something. 


Anything. Pick up a hobby out of the blue, write a message to your internet crush--the one that always "likes" your posts on facebook, but might be too nervous to actually say, "Hi"--write the beginning to a story you've never heard before. See if it turns into something awesome.

4. Ask your best friend what your most obnoxious trait is.


How many times have we told our close friends they can talk to us about anything? Well, do it. Chances are they've already accepted the worst of you, and will know how to tell you that showing up an hour late to every party, function, and dinner isn't fashionable, it's obnoxious.

5. Go see a movie by yourself.


If you must, put your jacket on the seat next to you so it looks like you're waiting for someone else. Think of it as a baby step to gaining some independence, and a better sense of self-assurance. It's good practice for the next step.

6. Go to a restaurant by yourself. 

Sur Restaurant

You're not a social butterfly tonight. Tonight, you're a lone wolf howling at the blue corned moon. Of course, you can't actually go out and howl at the moon by yourself, you might get committed. Harness the strong individual within and sip merlot at a table for one. Added perk, minus the tip, you won't have to struggle with advanced mathematics trying to figure out how to split the bill.

7. Fight a bear. 

Mostly Cats. Mostly

Just kidding. Though I'm sure many of us would rather do that than eat at a restaurant alone--isn't life scary?

8. Go skinny dipping.


Not kidding. This is a blast and a half--in fact, I might even bump it up to two blasts. TWO BLASTS, PEOPLE. Some might say there's a time and place for this: in your 20s, and in your bathtub. I say PHOOEY. No matter your age, round up your best friends and embark on a night-time, bare-bum adventure to the lake. Watch out for snakes ;)

9. Eat something that grosses you out despite the fact that you've never actually tried it.

red hot mamma

I did it. Oysters. Thursday night, January 13, 2013. I held it before my face thinking, I'm about to eat a mermaid's booger, and then I ate it and guess what! I lived to tell the disgusting tale. To my relief, I was less grossed out than I thought I would be. It's okay to be a picky eater. It's not okay to be a princess about it and wrinkle your nose at something you've never tried. Princesses are for kids. Adults take the plunge (#darenumber8).

10. Order wings, and ribs wearing nothing but white. 

Choosing Figs

Memorial Day has come and gone! Don yourself in an all-white outfit and see how far you can go without staining anything. This is a fun exercise for clean-freaks to unwind a little. The best way to stop being afraid of mess is to get a little messy.

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