10 Cats Who Are Being Really Patient With Us

1. This guy's making the most of your refusal to get another real cat for him to play with.

2. This Bagira hopeful trying to live up to the big guys we're always admiring on Animal Planet.

3. This little guy who's quietly tolerating the most of the "friend" you got for him to play with.

How To Do It

4. He's not interested in fighting your incessant use of puns, he only wants to join in.


5. This positive-peter is tired of you being so hard on how you look, but instead of biting your ankles from under the bed, he shows you how you should really look at yourself.

Jokes R Us

6. She's on board for the three-hour instagram photo shoot this will surely turn in to.


7. This one's letting that whole "personal space" thing slide this one time.

Show Me Cats

8. This one noticed the look on your face the last time he brought you a dead bird, so he went vegan.


9. He gets it, he's stationary, and you want to put things on his back. He isn't laughing but he loves you enough to hold it until you take the picture.

Tastefully Offensive

10. ...


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