10 Beautiful Lamps That Don't Look Like Lamps

I learned this morning that scientists are trying to make trees glow. The impetus for the project, which might seem like a frivolous attempt to bring Avatar to life, is to preserve electricity. Rather than power hundreds of street lamps to illuminate our nightly walks, these trees will do the job without running up the town's electric bill. Here's the kicker: the people behind the project are "hobbyist scientists"--no corporations, and no academic laboratories involved. Antony Evans and his team are doing this relying solely on their Kickstarter campaign, which has raised nearly $290,000 from over 5,000 donors.

Inspired by fireflies and aquatic bioluminescence, these guys put their "hobby" to use. If the project pans out as planned, the spark of inspiration will grow into something that will change sustainability forever in a way . In his video, Evans makes an excellent point: "Potential is limited only by our greatest imagination." Even if the glowing trees don't work out, 5,000 donors prove the idea itself is inspiring. Who says a lamp has to be a lamp to be a lamp?

Here are lamps by designers that threw convention to the wind.

1. Behind the wall-lamp.

The Fancy

2. Soccer ball in the wall-lamp

Did You Know Canada?

3. Wallpaper lights


4. Fish lights


5. Might be a stretch, but I think they look like bats.

Snake Ranch

6. Birdcage bulbs


7.  Camera night-lights


8. Hanging wine glass lights

Cool Gadget Concept

9. Jellyfish lamps

We <3 It

10. I bet if Hermes had lamps they'd look like these.

Design At Home

Though, he seems to emit a glow-y sort of thing already.

G321 Emma Graveling







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