10 Amazing Things Celebrities Did This Week

1. As he left St. Peter's Square on Wednesday's general audience, Pope Francis spotted a disfigured man in the crowd and approached him. Ignoring the boils covering most of the man's head, Francis held him close and kissed him on the forehead. He then put his hands on the man's head and prayed.

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Buzzfeed Buzzfeed

2. For the Bazaar UK Awards, Victoria Beckham brought her son, Brooklyn, as her date and showered him with a colossally adorable amount of motherly love. Brooklyn was not even a little mad about it.

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3. Tom Hiddleston won our hearts and entered his name for most lovable human when he cried on the red carpet after he was asked to consider how he might never be in another Marvel movie again. As fans saw him cry, we took to our roofs and shouted a unanimous "I'LL HOLD YOU TOM, YOU BEAUTIFUL, GENTLE DEMI-GOD."

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4. Remember when Beyoncé photobombed a fan's selfie mid-performance? Well, a video just popped up this past Wednesday on Youtube of the diva face-timing with a fan ON STAGE. Watch, behold, and thank the good lord for Queen Bey:

 5. Are you aware of Adrien Peterson? You should because he's just great. Making wishes come true for kids living with illness is basically his calling in life (Go Vikings).

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6. Kellan Lutz is apparently rlly rlly concerned about lobsters and penned a letter to Linda Bean, owner of Linda Bean's Maine Lobster to cease and desist with "flagrant" acts of animal cruelty done within her business's slaughter house. I couldn't find a picture of Lutz with a lobster so you get smolder instead.

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You're welcome.

7. Big Ang showed her support for gay marriage by surprising two male fans with assisting in one's proposal to his groom-to-be.

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8. On her birthday, Tilda Swinton was honored at a MoMA film benefit, for which she was humbly grateful.

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9. Usher and Pharell serenaded some lucky folks at the Angel Ball and raised $3 MILLION for cancer research.

Celebrities Do Good Celebrities Do Good

10. Yeaaaaah, you might need tissues for this one. It's a jerker. It didn't happen this week but it's so sweet, I made an exception.

On September 6, Olivia Wise, a young girl with brain cancer, made one of her dreams come true by recording a song in a professional studio. She sang Katy Perry's "Roar" with the heart of a champion, and made a pretty awesome cover. By late October, Katy Perry saw the video of her recording and reached back out, telling her to "keep roaring." Check it out:


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